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Winter lights in Liepāja

Liepāja – a city in western Latvia, on the coast of the Baltic Sea – is known in winters as one of the most beautifully decorated cities in the whole country. If you look up while on the central street, you will see the whitest snowflake laces, which will bring back memories of childhood, the taste of gingerbread and make you believe in miracles again. The unique smelt fishermen lights over the frozen city canal aid in creating a magical atmosphere. Winter lights will bring joy to visitors all the way up to February 8, going out just as ERC “Rally Liepāja” comes to a close. After enjoying the sights of Liepāja, everyone is welcome to warm up with a hot beverage in one of the many charming restaurants and cafes of the city, more about which you can learn at

 - Rally city Liepāja (©LIEPAJA.TRAVEL)


Wintertime in Liepāja is a magical time, with the magnificent decorations providing a wonderful holiday feel. In the very heart of the city – Rose square – you will find the largest Advent crown in Latvia. Or you can make a wish while going over the white lace bridge. Just a few steps from there, you will also find the beloved “Gingerbread houses” with slides for children, just like in fairy tales, and the special holiday pine tree. Music is flowing from the angels dancing nearby – hearing it will make you forget about your daily rush and just stop for a moment to indulge in the magical feeling of the city. Don’t miss the opportunity to ride the oldest tram in the Baltics, which is converted into the Christmas tram during wintertime.


The Liepāja beach, which is just a few minutes’ walk from the city center, is a great place for a leisurely walk, provided that you are wearing a set of warm clothes. All around the city, many locations for winter activities, including open air skating rinks and cross country skiing tracks, are available to those who are looking for a way to spend some time outside. “BB Wakepark” in Naval Port is a snow park with different constructions and jumps made to fit the needs of both beginners and professionals, while also providing snow tubes for going down the hill to those who don’t want to ski or snowboard. There, you can also rent a bath house and tub to enjoy the romance of winter. Those who enjoy ice fishing will appreciate the opportunity to rent a lodge, so that when the Liepāja canal is covered with ice and it is time to fish for smelts, you can also escape the cold winds. In “Jura staļļi”, it is possible for everyone to enjoy a ride in a horse sled or to try skijoring behind a horse. After these activities, you will be able to warm up with a hot beverage or a “Cowboy soup”.

In the days when it’s too cold or, on the contraty, if the snow has melted, the best place for getting a winter feeling would be the indoor ice-skating rink, followed by some warmer fun in the cozy Liepāja Olympic Centre SPA, which you can visit year-round. You can choose to visit the pools, comfortable sunbathing zones, Turkish bath, salt or aromatic sauna, water or air massage pools or a waterpark for children. Alternatively, you can enjoy the romance of getting into the warm SPA whirlpool bath and looking at the snowflakes slowly falling outside.

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