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Changes in Rally Liepāja itinerary

Bulletin no. 2 was published today with the news that the city stage, SS12, which was due to start on February 8 at 16:00, has been cancelled. The race podium-finish has also been changed accordingly, and will now take place at 15:30.

Raimonds Strokšs, Rally Liepāja director: “When the decision was made to have a city stage in Liepāja, we knew that this was a very ambitious, albeit doable, task. Unfortunately, regardless of all our efforts to prepare the roads for rally, we can’t control the weather, which led to the difficult decision to cancel this stage. Despite that, the road conditions in all the other stages are excellent – the roads are frozen and covered with snow, so Rally Liepāja will be a beautiful winter event."

Rally Liepāja is set to begin on Friday, February 6, with the qualification stage at 16:15. The opening ceremony will take place in Rožu square in Liepāja, beginning at 20:00.